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FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Each year Tisdale's public works department digs up about three blocks of street to replace the leaking and difficult cast iron water pipes. It is an outstanding programme and in the long run reduces the number of water breaks that might occur each year. However, the destruction of the streets has been going and going so that it seems that few streets in Tisdale are paved. Those that are have the surface of an old roller coaster and pot holes outnumber smooth areas about 200/1.

Of course this is an exaggeration but the street destruction programme coupled with the regular excavations for new buildings and water and sewer repairs have left the reconstruction process far behind.

Work began this week as preparations are underway to get ready for street resurfacing with fifteen blocks slatted for repair.

Two blocks on what is referred to as the "old highway" north of the Catholic church were dug up this year to replace the old water lines and those two blocks will have to wait two years before they will be paved so people who walk or drive over that street had better get used to washboard and dust for twenty-four months or more.

The two blocks north of that were built more than thirty years ago and are really bad. We have lived in Tisdale for eleven years and the street referred to as the "old highway" the block east of the main street has always been an outrage.

Chupa Excavation is digging up those to blocks removing almost a full yard of material from the surface so that a good solid surface can be developed for the new paved surfaced to be applied later this month (image above).

We also expect the next stage of the upgrade to the downtown area to begin work next week as the sidewalks and whole ambiance of the street gets the same treatment as the first part of this project that has done so much to enhance the appearance of downtown Tisdale.



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