FTLComm - Tisdale - September 12, 1999  

The re-paving of main street has been a little tense for the last two weeks of the summer as curbs and sidewalks were replaced, low spots filled, wires embedded and finally the top applied.

Now from North to South and South to North it is one smooth piece of asphalt Though there are still a few intersections in need of final trimming the main project is accomplished and soon will get a coat of paint to redefine the lanes. (the title above is an FTLComm creation for this page only)

Melfort has had a similar treatment to the highway which passes through their city but it is not the main street and does not have to handle the same level of high density trucking that we see passing through Tisdale each day with up to thirty "B" trains an hours.

Just prior to the paving SaskPower installed the wiring for a street light at the main intersection now the site of a four way stop. No specific date has been set for this installation, the mayor only would say that preparations have been made to increase the flow of traffic through that intersection and some time in the future the street lights would be installed.