98th Street from 97th to 98th gets overhaul

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Time has a habit of washing over all things and when it comes to what is under the streets a broken water line in the middle of winter can cost far more than rebuilding a whole block in the summer.

So each summer Tisdale replaces about two blocks of aging water line with new plastic lines and carefully packs down the street to provide that block of home owners with another half century of trouble free service.

Preventative maintenance is by far

the most cost effective means to keep the over all costs to tax payers down and provide services that are rarely distrupted.

This is the first block to be replaced this summer as work began at the corner of 98th and 98th on Monday morning and by Tuesday afternoon more than half the block has been replaced. New gravel is being brought in to reduce the level of settling and the backfill is packed into place as the project continues.