FTLComm - Tisdale - February 12, 1999
Like a frozen ocean gracefully modifying itself, being contoured shaped and reshaped somewhere beyond our consciousness. We can see the gradual changes and feel the bite of the late winter wind, but the sun paints the shadows that turn the crystalline water piles into hues of blue and white. Be you a child or an aging adult, it makes no difference, your feet and knees will make their mark on these structures only to be erased as wind born particles tumble into your footprints.

The water, the wind and we humans each confront one another in an endless cycle, the water melts and reforms, the wind seems infinite and our human lives can be just as insignificant as those transient footprints in the snow. Created on a whim or with deliberate intent matters not, as both are soon covered in a continuum Only this picture and these words sustain the moment.