Ducks and Golden Sky

Parkland Around Pleasantdale

FTLComm - Pleasantdale - June 23, 1998

A few kilometres East of Pleasantdale are several ponds on each side of the road. Always a sucker for a great scene these shots were caught in the long shadows of Sunday night.

These and other pictures are published here in Ensign so that you can share in the experience of these scenes. You are welcome to make use of them but should you use one in a document be sure to give credit to the source. Most pictures appearing on this site are taken with an Epson PhotoPC 500, digital camera but some like the one at right is captured from video tape using a Hitachi full size camcorder. All images are processed with the software Adobe Photoshop.

The scene below is less then a mile from Pleasantdale which lies to the left in the scene.
The haze in this image was also seen North on highway #6 and was in fact smoke, perhaps from a smudge for a large cattle herd North of this site.

But every night we luck people can see the day retire in its glory as yet another marvelous sunset unfolds. Having spent many years in the Yukon and British Columbia with canyons and mountain peaks obscuring the sky these vistas twice a day are better then cream pie just as filling but better for you.
The image at the right is a video capture with the telephoto lens right at the entrance to Pleasantdale from the West. The same scene is seen below as taken with the digital camera, these two images taken at the same time demonstrate the difference in light catching ability of the two primitive CCD cells that do the job. The impression of quality picture comes from reproducing the image small. The image at the left would normally be seen on a twenty to thirty inch television from fifteen feet away, here it is a mere four inches wide.

It really would be nice to be able to share these with you without the lengthy download time but as of now there is no way around it. These pictures are saved as JPEGs at medium compression and the two below are six inches wide but they are a surprisingly small 15 and 13 kilobyte size. The large dark areas in sunset pictures require little memory.