Farmers caught in the middle
Regina - Monday, February 11, 2008 by: Stu Innes
I read the item by Mr.Dascavich concerning the popularity of bashing the wheat board with a certain amount of skepticism.

At least I think that is what the item was about?

Anyway, I know that a lot of farmers are hesitant to enter into the same kind of arrangement for marketing wheat and barley that seems to be working for peas and lentils and actually every other grain farm product.

At this particular time, I also know that many farmers are scratching their heads and crossing their fingers, as wheat and durum prices in North America have risen to $15 dollars per bushel.

Having delivered 75% of the contract to the Wheat Board myself I am one of those farmers.

Of course, I have received about $7 dollars per bushel so far minus the freight and handling - so say $5 something, in my pocket.

It would be nice to be paid sooner than later of course, but let's focus on the confidence level the Wheat Board must have in it's ability to market this years grain to have allowed the farmers to have received less than 50% of the current grain price so far!

This seems pitiful to me.

In fact, if the Wheat Board botches this year's (and the tail end of last year's) sales and fails to come up with a $15 dollar return for wheat, I predict that even Mr. Dascovish will be singing "away with the Wheat Board"! along with everyone else.

Stu Innes

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