The real issues

Calgary - Tuesday, September 3, 2002 - by: Jason Inness




I attended the PC National General Meeting in Edmonton last weekend as a youth delegate.




In spite of what the media and the Canadian Alliance observers are saying, the actual merger/cooperation debate was a minuscule part of the discussions at the meeting.



health care

Even casual conversation with delegates produced very little interest in the debate. Instead, what we chose to talk about was health care, democratic reform, the status of our cities, our relationship with our southern neighbours and our own constitution among other things. It was this focus which I believe laid the foundation for a very successful meeting both in terms of productivity and in terms of re-energizing the party




I had the opportunity to meet and discuss issues with people from all parts of Canada. We may have disagreed on some details, but once decisions were made, we moved forward. I felt no hard feelings from any of the delegates, regardless of which way a vote went. That is the essence of Conservative unity.




I am challenging the media to stop focusing on the so called "Unite the Right" effort and begin to cover debate and dialogue on the topics that Canadians DO care about. Even the Liberals, who have done nothing with the government that was granted to them by the Canadian people, understand that Canadians want, and need, new policy directions on essential issues such as health care and democratic reform.

Jason Inness



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