Mistakes were made

Calgary, Alberta - Thursday, December 5, 2002 - by: Jason Inness


When the Prime Minister said "mistakes were made" in regards to the Public Works advertising scandals, it was a little comical. Now that line has become a mantra with the Liberal front bench, and it is not funny at all.




We hear, via the Auditor General, that one billion dollars has been spent on an ineffective gun registry that was supposed to have a cost of two million dollars. That's 500 times more!!! Compounding this is the fact that the government hid the costs from the public and Parliament.




The report goes on however. The Auditor General also reported that 1.7 billion dollars is being used to lease office space for Public Works when a need for the office space is unclear. This is unacceptable, especially for a government which prides itself on fiscal constraint. Maybe this is Liberal constraint, but what I see is a distressing trend of arrogance and waste.

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If we took the money this government has wasted when "mistakes were made", we could refinance our military, health care, or maybe even reduce taxes. Planes for the Prime Minister, Human Resources Development Corporation job grants, government advertising contracts, Shawinigate, the Lawrence McAuley scandal, and now the gun registry all show a trend that seems to be showing a government that is growing even more arrogant, even more out of touch, and even more wasteful.


It all seems to beg the question: What is still unknown, left in the heap of public finances, for the Auditor General, and the public, to find?

Jason Inness



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