Long gun registry must be scrapped!

Calgary, Alberta - Wednesday, December 18, 2002 - by: Jason Inness

out of

The long gun registry must be scrapped! This situation is absolutely out of control. The Liberals have allowed this registry to consume our tax dollars long enough. We need to replace this government to put an end to the complete mismanagement of this, and other, programs.



waste of

Canadians seem to think that because the government is operating with a surplus of funds, the Liberals must be good managers. Such is not the case! We have never seen such waste of taxpayers dollars, not even during the Trudeau or Mulroney years. Paying 500 times the estimated cost for a program that has many inaccuracies and wouldn't help stop crime even if it was working properly is not good management. If it was you or me creating this grotesque disaster, we would be dismissed from our jobs with haste.




The Progressive Conservative have been attacking this program since it's inception. A PC government would scrap the long gun registry. I trust that statement is true.

pie in
the sky

The Conservatives have always been the fixers of Liberal mismanagement, from the beginnings of this great country, to the dismantling of the National Energy Program. We need a Progressive Conservative government in the next election to put an end to this, and all, of this government's "pie in the sky" programs. If we don't, how are we going to pay for health care, defense, and agriculture?

is this

What about all of the other important programs Canadians are demanding of their government? I suppose that people must be willing to trade off health dollars to control, in a very extreme way, those in society that own firearms. Is the year 2002, or 1984?

Jason Inness



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