Canadian Alliance slipping in Alberta

Calgary, Alberta - Thursday, July 17, 2003 - by: Jason Inness


The Canadian Alliance seems to be desperate to regain momentum lost to the Progressive Conservatives in the wake of several local problems including law suits from a former Alliance candidate and polls showing support is dropping across the country, even in Alberta. However, attacking the Progressive Conservatives on the gun registry issue was a very foolish move, considering that their own leader, Stephen Harper, was the only Reform Member of Parliament to vote for the gun registry. It is also another example of how the Alliance speaks about unity between the two parties, but does nothing to actually build trust among Tories.




This incident demonstrates just where the Alliance stands on free votes in Parliament. Section 77 of their own policy document reads:


"We will move to restore democratic accountability in the House of Commons by measure such as allowing free votes. We will therefore treat no vote in the House, except for the budget and main estimates as a matter of confidence..."


  When another party actually puts this idea into practice, and holds a free vote, the Canadian Alliance lashes out in a hypocritical attempt to paint the Progressive Conservative Party in a negative way. It seems to me that the Alliance can talk the talk, but the Progressive Conservative Party are the ones that actually walk the walk.



Jason Inness

  Mark, Michelle, Tories get blast, July 16, 2003, Calgary Sun


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