Peter MacKay and Stephen Harper on October 17, 2003

Differing Policy Directions

White Rock B.C. - Wednesday, November 12, 2003 - by: Brian Marlatt




Like many Tories interested in policy, I am concerned about statements claiming Canadian Alliance policy is identical or much the same  as Progressive Conservative Policy.   Progressive Conservatives and the Alliance opinions are often as different as Knight and Day.




While the Progressive Conservatives were formulating policy which called for long-term, stable, and predictable health care funding, the Canadian Alliance health care critic was reported in the Globe as questioning the need for any federal role in health care, and indeed wanted the federal department to justify its existence.




While the Progressive Conservatives were seeking to ensure the Clarity Bill would not become the instrument of Canada's break-up, the Canadian Alliance was insisting that 50% plus 1 would be sufficient to allow a provincial referendum to take Quebec out of Canada.




While the Progressive Conservatives were developing fiscal policy that would ensure sound fiscal management that would secure both our social programs and our economic vitality, the Canadian Alliance was still trying to buy votes by pretending tax cuts are all we need.




While Progressive Conservatives are working to build a strong united Canada, the Canadian Alliance is trying to reduce Canada to the sum of its parts.




Progressive Conservatives and all Canadians have good reason for suspicion of Canadian Alliance sincerity and their promises that somehow they've changed.



not now

Like most Canadian conservative voters I will continue to support the enlightened and responsible conservatism which animates Progressive Conservatives at their finest.

Brian Marlatt

Reference:, Angry Tories protest PC-Alliance merger, (PDF) November 12, 2003, Vancouver Sun
CBC, Harper, MacKay begin campaign to unite the right, October 17, 2003, CBC News


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