Prime Minister Paul Marting, Justice Gomery and Opposition leader Stephen Harper

Gomery, Liberals, and political alternatives
- or their lack

White Rock B.C. - Tuesday, April 12 2005 - by: Brian Marlatt
  • Ah yes, the Gomery CommissionLiberal corruption.  Time for the Liberals to go? It might be, if there was an alternative. But since December 2003 we have been left with only one national choice: Liberals in office, even though the players may change now and again.

    When the Canadian Alliance appropriated the brand name of the Progressive Conservatives, Canada became a one-party state in practice, perhaps for a generation, even though Jack Layton and the NDP might like to think otherwise.
    "Uniting-the-Right" really meant removing the real Tories from the ballot and leaving the anti-Confederation, anti-Canada party of Preston Manning, Stockwell Day, and Stephen Harper to dream idly of a "breakthrough in Ontario" just as it has been doing since 1993.

    As for Mr. Layton, well, he has the about same chance of forming a government as Mr. Harper, and it is the hubris of such scheming politicians that has brought us to where we are and that may produce an early, pointless, election.

    Meantime, Mr. Martin must be encouraged to do the right thing while we wait for the return of the real Tories and a real, national, Canadian alternative. Then it will be time for the Liberals to go.

Brian Marlatt

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