Steward Hartley and Joe Clark at meeting between Alliance and Progressive Conservatives


Blame Joe Clark

St. Paul, Allberta - Tuesday, September 17, 2002 - by: Paul Pelletier


RE: Hartley, Stewart, Blame Joe Clark for years of Liberal misrule September 15, 2002 Toronto Sun




Hartley Steward in blaming Joe Clark for the Progressive Conservative Party not uniting with the Alliance displays unbelievable ignorance. The options of joining with the Canadian Alliance or creating a new party have always been and are non-starters among Tories.




The Constitutional of the Party ensures no leader can make unilateral decisions on the party governance. At the National General Meeting in Edmonton last month delegates elected by the membership affirmed their intent to continue the Conservative Party's role of offering an alternative to the Liberals.




Hartley writes Joe Clark "has ensured we will not get the chance to topple this government, I'm thinking, in my lifetime." by not joining with the Alliance. 1, 300 Progressive Conservatives in Edmonton disagreed.



Paul Pelletier

  September 17, 2002 Politically, these sure are interesting times By HARTLEY STEWARD -- Toronto Sun
  Editor's Note: The story Mr. Pelletier is referring to is no longer available on the server. The Sun newspaper chain like so many others do not archive their material and when we attempted to recover the original story their server was down. However, Hartley Steward repeated the same theme in his Sunday column which we have preserved in a PDF to go with this story.


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