David Orchard

Its not free trade he opposes
but FTA and NAFTA

Salt Spring Island, B.C. - Thursday, June 15, 2006 - By: Patricia Barclay
Thank you for your comments June 7th on David Orchard. It's always of great interest when the media pay attention to Orchard, who must be one of the very few politicians in Canada today whose integrity is beyond question. In fact, Orchard's integrity and evident sincerity cut a lot of ice with Canadians who value such things. Beside him, men like Peter MacKay and Stephen Harper are ethical pygmies -- which is, one supposes, why they consider him "dangerous" and the Conservative Party still refuses to pay him the amount it owes him, even when ordered to do so by the courts!

You made an error, however, when you stated that "David Orchard opposes Free Trade." What is correct is that Orchard opposes the FTA and NAFTA, which are not true free trade at all. For more information, check this link to an article on his website, "Trade pact cost us a bundle," written in Sept. of 2005:


Orchard wrote this article when gasoline prices "shot up another 30%" after Hurricane Katrina. "Why does a storm in the U.S. drive up Canadian prices?" he asked. "The answer is spelled FTA and NAFTA....Those of us who spoke out against the FTA pointed out this was not free trade, but forced trade, and warned the agreement would have profound effects on our future, our energy security and our sovereignty...."

Anytime the U.S. wants to consider signing a real free trade pact with Canada, and our Canadian negotiators and politicians are smart enough to know the difference, David Orchard -- a grain farmer whose livelihood depends on trade -- would probably welcome it. But without a politician of his calibre having a major say in the matter, what chance is there for Canada?

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