Defence Minister John McCallum visiting Canadian forces in Bosnia November 11, 2002


Billions short without consultants cutting more

London, Ontario - Wednesday, December 4, 2002 - by: Derrall Bellaire





Over the years, numerous reports have piled up calling on the government to increase spending on defence. The Defence Minister's response? Hire private consultants to CUT even more out of the department.

Canadian's are proud of their sons and daughters who serve in Canada's Armed Forces. Whether on a combat mission, peace making or peace keeping, Canadian soldiers have distinguished themselves the world over.


But the battle they keep losing is around the cabinet table of the Chretian government. Between 1993 and 1998, about $7 billion was cut out of the Defence budget. Although some money has since been restored, the government's own Auditor General calculates that the current shortfall in defence expenditures over the next five years will approach $4.5 billion.



Not only does the Defence Minister lack basic understanding of Canadian military history (ie Vimy and Dieppe), he also fails to comprehend that this country needs to have a military that has adequate personnel and equipment.

Canada is not a war-faring country. But we do take pride in our military. It is time that we had a government that does the same.


Derrall Bellaire


Images on this page from Bosnia in early November of this year, Canadian Armed Forces.


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