In Shakespeare's Henry V everything hangs on the issue if his cause is "just", for war is not a trivial thing.


Canada Loses Face on World Affairs

London, Ontario - Tuesday, February 25, 2003 - by: Derrall Bellaire




When the former Tory government took Canada into the Gulf War in 1991, there was a clear reason and Parliament had debated the issue. Also at that time, Canada held influence on the world stage and its opinion of was sought after by other world leaders.



no debate

All that is gone. Just a decade later and Canada has lost the influence it once held. Other world leaders don't care about Canada's opinion. Even Parliament has not debated the issue of war in Iraq, except by way of an "opposition day" motion.



is the cause

Canadians are not a warfaring people, but when the cause is just, we will take up arms. The question is - is this war justified?




Even the Americans don't know what this war is about? Is this "war on terrorism"? Regime change? Weapons of "mass destruction"? Or, is this war about oil?




Recently a poll showed that Canadians consider the American President more of a threat to world peace than the Iraqi leader.




With all these questions and more, Chretian's Liberals should be careful about blindly following Uncle Sam into this war.


Derrall Bellaire

  The images and audio clip are from the Oscar winning film by Kenneth Branagh, Henry V, Samuel Goldwyn Company and Renaissance Films, 1989


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