Withdrawal from the war in Afghanistan

London, Ontario - Thursday, May 30, 2002 - by: Derrall Bellaire




On May 21, the Minister of Defense announced that Canada would be withdrawing its ground forces from the war in Afghanistan. The reason? Canada's military is so under strength that there is nothing to replace these troops.




Unlike the Gulf War -- where the Progressive Conservative government of the day took the lead, helped to craft the rules of engagement, and properly supplied and supported our military contribution -- the current government begged to be included in the military action, then sent our troops into harms way without adequate supplies or support.




That the battle group is being brought home after a six month tour of duty is in keeping with the modern rotation -- even the British and Americans are rotating their forces. The problem is that Canada's military is in such a sad state that there is no other battle group ready to take its place.




If the Chretian government really cared about security, it would be doing its utmost to rebuild Canada's Armed Forces instead of looking after its own comforts -- whether they be private executive jets or weekends at exclusive chalets.




Derrall Bellaire

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