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The Queen's Right to Rule

Sydney, NSW, Australia - Wednesday, March 17, 2004 - by: Philip Benwell


The Woman's Day (Australian version) of the 15th March 2004, which is now out, has gone to great lengths to resurrect the fictitious claim by Michael Abney-Hastings, Earl of Loudon,(right) a descendent of George Duke of Clarence, to the Throne of the United Kingdom.

The story arose due to a story by a British historian, Dr Michael Jones, asserting that the father of Edward IV, Richard Earl of Cambridge and later Duke of York, was in battle whilst his wife was housed in Rouen, 160 miles away and was having an affair with a French archer at the time it is supposed that Edward was conceived.


How could one possibly say when a child, born over six hundred years ago, was actually conceived! 160 miles is not so far for a conjugal visit to have taken place and for security reasons contemporary battle records often stated that a person was in a certain place when he was elsewhere. A similar example occurred only this week when media tycoon Kerry Packer (right) was hospitalised under another name to protect his privacy!

Furthermore, whilst Edward's claim was primarily through his father who was the grandson of Edward III, his mother (Anne Mortimer) was the great granddaughter of Edward III, which gave him a duel claim to the Throne.




I believe the claim that Edward IV was illegitimate to be based on a total lie and fabrication. However, assuming for the purpose of debate that it is true, illegitimacy actually becomes irrelevant because Edward became King not just due to a descent from Edward III but more importantly because the Parliament proclaimed him so.

To say that this fabrication somehow affects the right of The Queen is ridiculous. Her Majesty's is a direct descendant of Henry Tudor (a great-great-great grandson of Edward III) and whilst Henry later married Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV,(right) it was only following the declaration of Parliament that he be the King.


Therefore, without doubt, the direct line of descent of the Crown is from Henry VII, whose position as Sovereign was itself derived from the Parliament.




Furthermore, The Queen is descended, both through male and female lines, from many of the Kings of England and Scotland who reigned long before Edward IV.
  The Earl of Loudon is descended from Margaret, daughter of George, Duke of Clarence, the brother of Edward IV. The Duke of Clarence was executed in 1478, during the reign of his brother, and by an Act of Attainder was forfeited of all his claims, estates and titles and under the Act the rights of all of his heirs were also forfeit.
  There are many people, legitimate and otherwise, who may possibly lay claim to the Thrones of the United Kingdom, and it would take a whole book or more to discuss their bloodline in full, particularly when one realises that the ancestry of Queen Elizabeth can be traced back fifteen hundred years to Cerdic who founded the Kingdom of Wessex in AD 519!
  However, it matters not, who was descended from whom, because for over a thousand years the Kings and Queens of England have been subject to the acceptance of Parliament and before the Parliament existed, to that of the council. Even William the Conqueror, who was himself illegitimate, had to subject himself to election by the Saxon Witan.
  It is important that this scurrilous assertion be met with sound argument, otherwise, unless it is countered and demolished, people may actually believe these outrageous lies.
  May I therefore urge you to write to the Editor of the Woman's Day protesting at their scandal-mongering. Contact details are:
  The Editor
Woman's Day
Phone: 02 9282 8508
Fax: 02 9267 4360

Philip Benwell


National Chairman
Australian Monarchist League

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