Toronto, Ontario - Friday, May 30, 2003 - by: Jonathan Colford




So lemme get this straight... they are replacing jail with fines for 15g or less... AND spending $240 million on a programme to get kids to stop smoking it... unless they're going to crack down like meter maids and issue fines left and right to pay for this, I smell another Liberal boondoggle here (and some fat ad contracts for someone to develop the "Say no to pot" campaign)...




In some twisted way I think this could actually reduce consumption, because if the police aren't arresting kids because no one feels getting caught smoking a "J" is worth a criminal record, then they'll probably start giving the fines, because anyone who walks around with fifteen joints can afford the $100 (or their daddy can).




So long as we still say doing drugs is wrong and against the law, I'm fine with the fines. The goal is curbing consumption, and if the fines can do that, (whereas jail has failed), then great. If the cops aren't giving out the fines even, well, it's another Liberal waste of money and time.




The ad campaign idea though just cracks me up... what, Groupaction's first quarter results were a little low?


Jonathan Colford



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