Paul "Moses" Martin

Vancouver, British Columbia - Wednesday, January 15, 2003 - by:Douglas R. Day



Paul Martin has been wandering around Canada for the past year, like some latter day Moses, telling how he will lead us to the Promised Land.





He proclaims he brought fiscal stability to Canada and balanced the Federal Budget. Never mentioned is how:
  • by raising a $ 45 Billion Dollars from the workers of Canada and their employers through grossly overcharging the E.I. Premiums deducted from their paycheques, then emptying the Employment Insurance Account by spending every cent ;

  • by vastly reducing the Federal share of Medicare payments from 50% as set out in an Act of Parliament to approximately 16% of Medicare expenses. In so doing throwing the Canadian Medical System into the crisis we now face;

  • by continually raising the premiums for CPP deducted from workers cheques, even though most workers will see these benefits clawed back through excessive taxation on retirement:

  • by reducing Canada's Military to little more than a week-end reserve operation, incapable of any serious Military goals, denied even the most basic of equipment, these even while ordering up a couple of Private Luxury Jets from his pals at Bombardier, so he and his old buddies in Cabinet can fly around the Country in style.




As Finance Minister he was the Sorcerer's Apprentice authorizing all the misspending now coming to light through the Auditor General!




In coming months the millions of dollars being collected in his name will be spent promoting his Message. It will be directed more to Canadian voters than his fellow Liberals. His supporters will anoint him as their Leader. He will then call a General Election and ask the Canadian people to do the same.



Hopefully the manner in which he achieved his claims of having served us in the past will be remembered when the decision is made whether or not to trust him with our future.

Douglas R. Day


President Richmond Canadian Alliance constituency


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