Allan Rock Is Wrong

Editor's Note: Ms Dobbie is a former PC cabinet minister elected in 1983 to parliament from Winnipeg and is President of Pegasus Publishing. She has become a reform supporter and it is not exactly clear as to how she stands at this point with the Alliance and its leader.
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Allan Rock is breaking the patent law by purchasing $12 million in drugs
from an unlicensed producer without contacting the patent holder. This is
appalling behaviour from a Minister of the Crown. Has it not occurred to
him that this sends a message of contempt for the rule of law that his
government is sworn to uphold? Prime Minister Chretien should insist on his
resignation! And the Opposition has the responsibility of tabling a motion
of non-confidence in the government if he does not.

Dorothy Dobbie,
Member 34th Parliament
70 Jewett Bay
Winnipeg MB R3R 2N1
(204) 895-0392