Dominion Day Challenge
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Richmond Hill, Ontario - Friday, July 3, 2009 - by: Robert Ede

We hear Canadians from all walks of life crying out for a 'better system' of government. I believe they deserve more than that, I think Canadians deserve the 'very best' possible system and I want to assist in making that a reality.

Not by revolution, but by revelation. Not by noisy demonstrations and civil disobedience, but by looking right beneath our noses. Not by creating or imposing something new or borrowed, but by applying all of the provisions of our existing, as-written Constitution.

The purpose of this story is to provide the foundations of my belief that since 1940, the national government has not been following the as-written Constitution of Canada and as a result the government is not serving Canadians, although Canadians are working more and more of their lives serving the government.

I believe an examination of our fundamental and supreme laws will lead to an understanding of 'how it's supposed to be' and demonstrate the care, intelligence and forethought that went into that original design.

I believe a return to the first principles of governance, set down for Canada, by Canadians that were similar, but not-exactly the same as the systems in Great Britain, or France or the USA or any other commonwealth country will provide us everything we need from and for government, from and for other Canadians and from and for ourselves.

In a nutshell, the Legislative component has usurped the power intended and prescribed for the Executive component and as a result the built-in, multi-layered, checks and balances of our wonderfully suitable, hierarchical, power-sharing system has been destroyed - at the very least, it has been turned on its head and we have allowed the creation of a new system where the 'inmates are running the asylum'.

Since 1940, the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has gathered up control of too much, unchecked and uncheck-able executive (i.e decision-making) power. The holder of the Office of Prime Minister was never intended to be unassailable "King/Queen" of the administration of Canada's assets, treasury, civil service and legislative order of government.

The Prime Minister was intended to be the Lead Advisor, representing the lowest Order of our tripartite 'One Parliament', a person representing many voices, but constitutionally just one of many sources of advice - not the decision-maker. Since 1940, when the leadership of the Privy Council was grasped away from the Governor General (with Order-in-Council P.C. 1940-1121, under cover of unifying execution of the war-effort), the veto powers of the Monarch, the prerogative powers vested in the Governor General, the decision-making powers of the Governor General's office and the supervisory and decision-making powers of the committees of the Governor General's Privy Council of Canada have been consolidated in the hands of the Prime Minister's Office.

To much executive power with no counter-balance, all in one person's hands. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and the fact that our system has been corrupted is no one human being's fault-it's the fault of human nature.

Our as-written constitutional system was expressly designed to make the exercise of this well-known aspect of human nature an impossibility. I believe that any Canadian who takes the time to read the Constitution Acts governing Canada will come to the same conclusion and so I've tried to make it as easy as possible to do the reading.

The electronic magic of the internet makes creation of a document with automatic links to proofs and sources a breeze and I can only hope that my attempt at 'translating' the 1867-1982 legal documents into more readily understandable language makes poring over these never-read documents just as breezy.

Robert Ede

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