Neo-conservatives cannot govern for long

Ottawa - Thursday, March 25, 2004 - by: Mahmood Elahi
  I am writing with reference to "An underwelling mandate," by Joe Hueglin (March 23).




Though as a member of the now defunct Progressive Conservative Party I was eligible to vote in the leadership race of the new Conservative Party, I decided not to cast my vote. The reason behind my decision has been a profound skepticism about the new party and its front runnner, Stephen Harper. The new party is nothing but a makeover to a right-wing neo-conservative party and Mr. Harper, depite his promise of moderation, is actually a standardbearer of neo-conserbvatism which has been imported from the United States. The American neo-conservatrives have already split that country into warring camps where no sane debate is possible.




The new Conservative Party, under Stephen Harper, cannot win seats in Quebec and the Maritime provinces. Though it may win some seats in Ontario, its bastion will be the West where it will make a clean sweep. If it formed government, it would be an Alberta-based minority government which will not last for long. The Liberals will be back in power and we will be back to the square one.




It is a great pity that the Progressive Conservative Party was dismantled in the name of uniting the right when the right had already united in the Reform/Alliance.




Mahmood Elahi



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