Paul Martin's ethics

White Rock, B.C. - Saturday, March 8, 2003 By: Rudy Fernandes


He wants to be Prime Minister and he wants to remain a shipping mogul. Paul Martin is faced with a Hobson's Choice, the dictionary meaning which is
"a choice of taking the thing offered or nothing".
He is at a crossroad. Any reasonable person understands that one cannot serve two masters, but Paul Martin wants to have his cake and eat it too. He says if he becomes Prime Minister, he will not sell his business interests, which over time, included a bus company, an oil business, apartment buildings, a water-slide park, a trucking operation, movies and Canadian Steamship Lines; one of the world's latest shipping company of its kind. (Globe & Mail 2/27/03).


Paul Martin has an arrested sense of ethical behaviour. His so-called blind-trust is not so blind, it has 20/20 vision. He received several briefings over time on his companies' businesses with the approval of the Prime Minister's appointed federal Ethics Counsellor, Howard Wilson. As an aside, it is now revealed that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bill Graham, has with the approval of Howard Wilson, met with the trustee handling his blind management agreement. This agreement allows Mr. Graham to "personally intervene" in matters dealing with his assets. It was reported that the Ethics Counsellor said
"...Mr. Graham directed his trustees..."(National Post 3/6/03).
One wonders how many more cabinet ministers have special privileges which permit them to act in an unethical manner. Why Canadians aren't shocked by this immoral behaviour, is certainly a mystery to me. Joe Clark said Paul Martin's blind trust is a "venetian blind trust"; a very apt description. Keep in mind that Howard Wilson was appointed by Jean Chretien and reports only to him, not to parliament.




According to the National Post (3/7/03)
"Paul Martin is "strongly inclined" to stop receiving updates on business affecting his family's shipping conglomerate if he becomes prime minister".
It is clearly obvious that Martin's spin doctors have taken over damage control since his unethical behaviour. An unnamed Martin advisor insider told the Post privately that Martin concedes "he should not have taken part in those discussions." Paul Martin said he never gave any advice, so why were the briefings held? Was it coffee breaks with close friends? Once again, the spin doctors have taken charge. The Nat. Post (3/7/03) reports Paul Martin is "strongly inclined" to stop receiving updates on business affecting his family's shipping conglomerate if he becomes prime minister.



conflict of

In this age of corporate malfeasance, Paul Martin should recognise and respect the potential for conflict of interest....there is always the temptation, as humans, for most people to take advantage of a good thing.




Sadly, it is Canada's misfortune that a significant number of its citizens are politically uninformed, so it is more than likely that Paul Martin will be the next prime minister. How many know the truth about Paul Martin, portrayed by his image makers as Prince Paul, who aspires to the throne some of the time and at other times as the "great commoner". Paul Martin is an invention. If Paul Martin wants to be prime minister must set the ethical tone.

Rudy J. Fernandes

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