Paul Desmarais (senior) and Paul Martin (Junior)


Paul Martin's Lunch

White Rock, B.C. - Monday, May 5, 2003 By: Rudy Fernandes


If you plan on spending $10.00 for lunch with Paul Martin on Mother's Day, you might consider asking him a few questions, bearing in mind that for eight years he was the second most powerful member of parliament in the Liberal Government.
  Question 1
"It is reported (National Post, 4/17/03] that Mr. Paul Desmarais, head of Power Corporation, virtually gave away Canadian Steamship Lines to you and a partner for a pittance, is that true?"
  Question 2
  • "The French oil giant TotalelfFina's single largest shareholder, with 3l.5% ,is Paul Desmarais, who is also a board member. He employed you as a Vice-President in 1969. One of Mr. Desmarais' sons, is married to Jean Chretien's daughter.
  • Did Mr. Desmarais lend you the money or guarantee the loan to buy CSL?
  • What does this mean in terms of (your) allegiance or loyalty to Mr. Desmarais and his empire in Canada and France?"


  Question 3
  • "As Finance Minister, you set tax policy in the 1994 budget that tightened the rules for foreign based companies, but Barbados was exempted. Why?
  • Was it because CSL took advantage of this Caribbean tax haven enabling you to avoid taxes and use cheaper labour?"


These are serious quesitons that should be put to Mr. Marrtin who aspires to be Prime Minister of Canada.

Rudy J. Fernandes

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