White Rock, B.C. - Friday, July 4, 2003 By: Rudy Fernandes


He may not be aware of it, but Paul Martin is a highly skilled practitioner of black magic, political that is. Like young Harry Potter's latest book "...the Order of the Phoenix" he has a very dark side. While it is there to be seen, hardly anyone sees it. Otherwise, how does one explain to his adoring fans his behaviour and actions, to name only but two, his support of a terrorist organisation and his Barbadian tax haven. His magic is such, that like the three pods and a pea, he does the trick right before your very own eyes, but his sleight of hand is not seen
  The Liberation Tigers of TAMIL EELAM or LTTE is listed as a terrorist organisation by the U.K, and the USA. The LTTE, as this is written, is still provided protection by the Liberal government and conducts its fund raising activity with impunity across Canada [Canada.com,6/24/03].

"Three years ago, Paul Martin, who was then finance minister...was criticised for attending a fund raising dinner for an alleged Tamil Tiger front in Toronto."

(National Post 6/21/03). It's magic!

  Paul Martin's business interests were placed in a blind trust when he became a member of the Liberal cabinet. Except, it was not so blind; it had 20 vision. The federal Ethics Counsellor, Howard Wilson, was gracious enough to approve several briefings over time on his Canadian Steamship lines and other business interests (National Post 3/6/03). Mr. Martin has taken every tax break available and his family continues to do so. His world is one full of tax havens - Barbados, major one - shell companies and flags of convenience.
"In 1992, a year before Paul Martin became Finance Minister, Canada Steamship Lines set up five companies in Liberia, Africa, a tax haven of choice..."
  During his term as Finance Minister, he said in his 1994 budget speech,
"certain Canadian corporations are not paying an appropriate level of tax."
  He went on to say he will put a stop to the use of off-shore tax havens, but he kept Barbados operating where Canadian Steamship Lines is located. (CBC News. Disclosure, 4/1/03.) Its Magic!


Paul Martin needs to immerse himself in an intensive study of ethics.

Rudy J. Fernandes



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