Catholics are bound by conscience
to adhere to the Pope's teachings

White Rock, B.C. - Wednesday, August 13, 2003 By: Rudy Fernandes


Most of Canada's editorial boards and pundits did not surprise me. The opinion makers seem to have a common goal, which is to undermine all religious teachings on morality.

But, I'm disappointed that many choose to misrepresent Calgary's Bishop Fred Henry's column saying Bishop Henry wrote
"Jean Chretien's soul is likely hell-bound," I have read the Bishop's article more than once and I cannot find any of these words; what the Bishop said is

"Mr. Chretien does not understand what it means to be a good Catholic."

  What was written and the Bishop's words are not the same. The spin is reprehensible. Misinformation has become the common standard for most of the media. The repeated reference to the Canadian Constitution (as well as the U.S. Constitution), calling for the separation of Church and State, is factually incorrect. Both Canada's and the United States Constitution prohibit the creation of a state religion, nothing more. The Canadian Charter of Rights reads as follows:
"Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
(a) freedom of conscience and religion."
  Furthermore, the very first words of the Charter reads as follows:
"Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:"
  I am sure this does not sit well with many humanistic liberals.
  The Roman Catholic Church was founded by Christ more than 2000 years ago. Currently Pope John Paul is its head and he speaks with the authority of Christ through succession. When the Pope addresses matters of faith and morals, Catholics are bound by conscience to adhere to his teachings; the question of same-sex marriage is a question of morals. The Catholic church is not a cafeteria style religion; we can not pick and choose what suits us. The choice is clear, either you adhere or you are no longer a believer.
  Messrs Chretian, Martin and Copps, I presume have had a Catholic education, as I have, and should be fully aware of the Church's teachings on faith and morals. It is deceitful of them to keep referring to themselves as "good, practicing Catholics." They are not. They have chosen to support same sex marriage. In their lust for power, they have chosen mammon over God's laws. They should, in all honesty, declare that they no longer believe in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Rudy J. Fernandes

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