Hedy Fry, Andy Scott, Marie Minna, Alfonso Gagliano, Art Eggleton and Don Boudria

Throw the rascals out

White Rock, B.C. - Sunday, June 2, 2002 By: Rudy Fernandes
  Count’em, six - all Ministers of State, all Liberals terminated by the terminator himself, Jean Chretien. All sent into oblivion.
  The ethically challenged former Liberal Cabinet Ministers are, in no particular order, Hedy Fry, Andy Scott, Michael Dupuy, Maria Minna, Alfonso Gagliano and Art Eggleton. In addition, Public Works Minister, Hon. Boudria was demoted in disgrace.
  To paraphrase, journalist Lawrence Martin, dialectician and biographer of Jean Chretien:
“The Liberal government is the most corrupt in Canadian politics.”
  We need another journalist, Stevie Cameron, an avowed Liberal, to write another book covering Liberal misdoings. Maybe it should be titled “On the Take, (very much) Part II.
  Attempting a job of white-washing, the Prime Minister proposed a new eight-point “plan of action”; Part II? But no one will
“…enforce the new ethics code against the Prime Minister, if necessary.” (National Post 5/27/02)
  Throw the entire lot of rascals out of office!.

Rudy Fernandes