When Joe Hueglin asked readers Monday to consider the culpability of the former finance minister for some of Canada's economic woes, it immediately triggered some interesting responses.
Princeton, Ontario - Wednesday, Septmber 25, 2002 - by: Rebecca Gingrich




A very interesting question.


With the hate displayed between Martin and Chretien, this is a quandry question. I do believe that Chretien is arrogant enough to have over-ridden any argument from Martin, BUT, I have a hard time believing Martin to be above such spending.


  • After all, it was he who wasted so much of our tax dollars over the past nine years.
  • It is Martin who has stashed billions of dollars in 'foundations', out of sight of the Auditor General. It was him who seized the unemployment 'excess'
  • it was him who seized the civil servant's pension funds
  • it was he who spent on all the 'social programmes' that ended up not making one iota of difference
  • it was him who slashed health care funding, military funding and on and on.




NO, I cannot give him the benefit of the doubt. The pattern is there. It was the same Enron accounting that he has shown to date.




In this case--I vote for guilty until proven otherwise--cannot say innocent.


Rebecca Gingrich



Etobicoke, Ontario - Wednesday, September 25, 2002 by: Ross Vaughn
  I guess there wasn't room enough to talk about ...
  • 30 billion Employment Insurance surplus stolen from workers and shifted to general revenue;
  • 100 million for 'Downsview Park' (a private cabinet decision);
  • CPP stock market loss of 1.5 billion;
  • more CPP billions to be invested in the stock market because of the losses of last year!!??
  • More billions stashed in 'foundations' for uncountable and dubious projects beyond parliamentary oversight,
  As ridiculously mediocre as it is, because Prime Minister Chretien (or his successor) appoints the majority of committee members, hereafter to be known as the PM's PP's (Pavlov Puppies) or Paul Martins' MM's (Minnie Me's)

Ross Vaughn

  Dawson, Anne- Tories/NDP take aim at Martin - Tuesday, September 24, 2002



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