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Government spending priorities

Princeton, Ontario - Thursday, October 31, 2002 - by: Rebecca Gingrich




On Wednesday the first thing I heard on the news on waking, was a warning that a DANGEROUS felon had escaped (walked away from)from a HALFWAY house in Hamilton and may be heading, or already in Toronto. This escaped pillar of society has already been convicted of 420 crimes, many committed with a gun or other weapons. He has been convicted of armed robbery, sexual assault, and other crimes obviously too numerous to mention.


We have military personnel who have been killed in Sea King crashes, Military personnel who, it was announced Wednesday, may have been infected with CJD, the human form of Mad Cow Disease, because a vaccine they were given was made from blood products from Europe.


We have people dying while waiting for medical treatment, people in long waiting lines unable to access the necessary medical treatment in a timely fashion.




We have NO money for increasing the efficacy of Health Care, but we have the money to throw around to cronies of the aformentioned Cabinet Ministers.


The reason I mention the above incidents is because, in response to Mr. Harper's comments about the mug shots in police stations, Mr Boudria stated that only felons would have their pictures there. I submit to your readers that it is just as bad to be an accomplice to the crime, as it is to commit the crime. The policies put forth by this Liberal government are exactly what have caused these incidents.


As Ron Thornton stated in his article--the incompetents are in charge of the country. If this is what we are comfortable with, then continue to vote Liberal. If not--stand up and be counted--Canada is worth saving.

Regarding the comments of Mr. Harper regarding Svend Robinson. There were interesting pictures of Mr. Robinson on the internet before this situation arose. Mysteriously they disappeared after this incident. Mr. Harper stated the truth, but Mr. Robinson saw fit to make these comments fit his homosexual agenda. I guess any ship in a storm--and political correctness will continue to cause these incidents if the truth is not allowed to be made public. In this case--guilty and not allowed to be proven innocent--only in Canada----pity


Rebecca Gingrich

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