Privacy Commissioner George Radwanski

Public Safety Act, Bill C-17?

Princeton, Ontario - Wednesday, November 6, 2002 - by: Rebecca Gingrich




Is anyone out there listening to the debate on the Public Safety Act, Bill C-17?


A list of everyone flying out of country will be handed over to the police to check for bad guys. All documentation MUST be handed over to the airlines, and then to the police. This, when people without any documentation are allowed into Canada with a vague promise, often broken, to show up for a refugee determination hearing.


This Bill will allow a Cabinet Minister, without benefit of Parliament, to pass any law he/she pleases. And there is no time limit on this Bill to cease. This Bill is totally designed for greater control of Canadians, not terrorists. What makes these Liberals think that a terrorist is going to use his real name or real documentation? And a file will be kept on everyone who is flying out.




George Radwanski, the Privacy Commissioner, has been fighting this, and the Liberals are not listening.(no surprise). How in the world do we stop this killing of privacy and Democracy? There is no responsibility, no scrutiny, no accountability.

who is

This is a power grab. The Liberal arguments for the necessity of this Bill are ludicrous. Canadians have to be protected--but they fail to state from whom!


Tired of writing letters to MPs and being ignored it is my hope that others will contact them as well.


Rebecca Gingrich

  Ottawa, November 1, 2002 - The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, George Radwanski, today released the following statement regarding the Public Safety Act, Bill C-17:



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