Protesters at Toronto's Metro Square and organiser Mostafa Henaway (images by: Steve Russell and David Cooper/Toronto Star)


Pacifists Attack

Princeton, Ontario - Saturday, March 8, 2003 - by: Rebecca Gingrich




In searching through the national papers this morning, I have been unable to find one report of the disgusting incident that occured at York University on March 5th.


This incident was caused by so called 'pacifist' students attacking a group of students manning a table promoting the principles and policies of the Canadian Alliance.
  Is the behaviour exhibited by these 'pacifist' students an example of what our future leaders will promote? Is this behaviour against free speech and freedom of association a statement on what our institutions of higher learning are promoting?


When this behaviour becomes the norm, will Canada have free speech, and freedom of association, or will these future adults dictate what is acceptable in our society?




I, too, do not want war--but to adopt bully tactics while decrying the behaviour of the United States is like the pot calling the kettle black.
  Give your head a shake, students, you are degrading everything that a democracy stands for. Grow up.


Rebecca Gingrich

  Porter, Catherine, Students around the globe join in anti-war protests (PDF) March 6, 2003, Toronto Star, (This story mentioned the overturning of the Alliance table)
  Peritz, Ingrid and Alphonso, Caroline,'No ware for oil', students say, Across Canada protesters against Iraq war urge that Bush be dropped instead of bombs, (PDF) March 6, 2003, Toronto Globe and Mail (mentions student arrests but no mention of attack on Canadian Alliance table)
  Students occupy York University President's office: condemn student arrests, March 5, 2003, Canada NewsWire
  Rubin, Josh, Students plan walkouts, anti-war rally, (PDF) March 5, 2003, Toronto Star



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