What a bummer of a day . . .

Princeton, Ontario - Thursday, May 28, 2003 - by: Rebecca Gingrich




What a bummer of a day was the 27th of May. Makes one wonder why we even bother to get up in the morning. The Sea King repair deal that will keep them flying until 2014 defies all logic. Yet McCallum stands in the House and brags how they have combined all the procurement contracts to get new helicopters faster.




The Auditor General's Report comes out and tells us how much of our money the Liberals have wasted on another make-work report that they had no intention of following.




A museum in Ottawa to glorify the self-same politicians who have decimated healthcare, the military and everything else that Canadians hold dear, while the veterans who fought for Canada watch their memorials deteriorate in Europe and Walmart raises money for a memorial at Juno Beach. The justification for the museum is to educate Canadians about Canada (though few will see it); and I thought that is what schools and parents were for.




Maybe that is why they are decriminalizing marijuana--if the rest of us get high enough we won't care what those in Ottawa are doing. We won't even notice the sponsorship scandal investigations that are going nowhere.


  Toke up and vote Liberal.


Rebecca Gingrich

  DARA Joins Westland Helicopters Ltd in Lynx & Sea King Support (PDF)
  2003 Status Report of the Auditor General
  CBC, Chretien announces major new museum, May 26, 2003, CBC Ottawa
  CBC, Canadians to invade Normandy, April 17, 2001, CBC Ottawa
  Canadian press, Cauchon to table controversial pot bill Tuesday, May 26, 2003



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