Elinor Caplan


Advance Passenger Information / Passenger Name Record Programme

Princeton, Ontario - Tuesday, July 15, 2003 - by: Rebecca Gingrich




1984 has arrived . Why would any Canadian trust any government with this information? This government particularly, that has so totally fouled up the long gun registry for a much smaller number of people, compared to the total number of Canadians who will have to be catalogued under this ID card 'plan'.




Can you imagine the bureaucracy that will be needed to implement this fiasco? Unemployment figures will plummet to an all time low due to the new Federal government hiring!




A letter received from Elinor Caplan's office states that Canadians have nothing to fear from the Advance Passenger Information/Passenger Name Record (API/PNR) programme. Only authorized Canada Customs and Revenue Agency agents will have this access to this info.
'Canada Customs and Revenue Agency will receive all the info from the airlines and purge anything that doesn't apply to their needs'


---to me this means that first the airlines will have and see this info, as they are the primary gathers of info (wonder if the ticket price will go up to cover the cost of this info gathering), and then we are to trust the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency to not look at any info that is not covered in the Customs Act.


An awful lot of trust is to be put in this government we have learned not to trust them at all. Odd how all of this is being done in the name of 9/11, and yet these same Federal Liberals essentially did not respond at all when that dreadful act occurred. To me this is just another excuse for the them to tighten the noose around our neck, and we, like the meek sheep we have become, will allow them to proceed without a whimper.


Rebecca Gingrich

  Department of Justice Canada, Passenger Information Regulation (Preclearance Act) This document outlines the legislation and the method of implimentation.
  Air Transat, Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) this page explains the US/Canadian combined plan to use databases to pre-screen airline passengers.
  Solicitor General Canada RCMP and CSIS access to airline passenger information, this page explains the plans law and Canada's spy agency have for using the Passenger Information programme and it also explains the limitation that apply to their use of the database.



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