Total about face

Princeton, Ontario - Tuesday, October 21, 2003 - by: Rebecca Gingrich




With all the congratulatory backslapping and kudos for Harper and MacKay filling the media, does no one stop to think about the total about-face that has been foisted on the membership of both parties. Both leaders were elected on a "no merger" ticket. Merger candidates were defeated, hands down, in both parties, at their respective leadership conventions. Leading one to believe that merger was not uppermost in the minds of the members. But, wait, thousands of new members will make the decision for those of us who have been in the trenches for the long haul! How democratic is this?




Now, all is forgotten in this mad rush to merge. But what does this mean for the membership, and Canada? Neither leader can be taken at their word. Neither leader respects the voice of its own membership, so how can we expect anything different if either of these men, or someone else for that matter, leads the party they're bringing into being? Are members and citizens only there to clap on queue? To follow blindly the decision of the leader? Isn't that what we already have in the Liberals? No policies are to be presented before we vote for this merger. They say "Trust us". What is to trust? Look where that trust has gotten us so far.




I guess congratulations are due to Harper and MacKay--they have gotten to be what too many think politicians are politicians in a fairly short time--but both promised to do otherwise. Well, same old, same old. Back to the drawing board.


Rebecca Gingrich



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