Where does Mr. Harper stand on the issue of free speech?

Princeton, Ontario - Friday, May 23, 2008 - by: Rebecca Gingrich


The Judges of the Supreme Court of Canada wasted their time on the fly in the bottle case they chose to hear unless it was to send this message: the lower courts ought to refrain from hearing, let alone finding in favour, of litigants in such frivolous cases.

  Whether it be eventually the Supreme Court or the Minister of Justice or the Prime Minister a similar message ought to be delivered to the Human Rights Commission. Both in practice to obtain evidence and in cases undertaken they are overzealous in seeking to extend their mandate.

  "I feel it may be appropriate at this time for the Minister of Justice to undertake a broad review of the Canadian Human Rights." were the words of one Conservative Member of Parliament. Another said the ". . .human rights commissions operating at various levels of society are in need of major reform." while speaking in support of MP Keith Martin's bill M-446 which proposes such actions.(1)
  A balance must be maintained and when in doubt, liberty of expression, must trump the anger felt by outraged individuals, or groups, that lead them to seek redress through Human Rights Commissions.
  The R.C.M.P. is investigating. (2) The Prime Minister will take no action until there is a report. He must be prepared to do so. At that time, Canadians will know the answer to this question: where does Mr. Harper stand on the issue of free speech?

Rebecca Gingrich

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