Princeton, ON - Monday, October 29, 2001 - by: Rebecca Gingrich
  Dear Editor,


Arguing Canada ought to do something because the United States of America has done so is uncomfortable for me as for many Canadians.The Letter to the Editor sent to you earlier would have been much different had the article below been published and read before its writing.


There is not only Canadian precedent for time limitation on executive powers without them being renewed by our elected representatives, but according to John Lorinc (whose accuracy I cannot vouch for) existing law that could have been invoked or modified.
  This is drawn to your attention in that with the wealth of opinion available through our newspapers it may not have come to your attention.
  Yours most sincerely.
  Rebecca Gingrich
  National Post, What ever happened to the emergencies act? War Measures Act replacement has sunset clause crictis are clamouring for by John Lorinc (The National Post is not archived so the full text of this story can be seen by clicking here.)