Advertising "unlimited" Misleading

St. John's, NFL - Friday, June 28, 2002 - by: Loyola Hearn (member of parliament)



$7.95 / GB
if > 5GB

Bell Sympatico and Rogers Cable have placed a "gig cap" on their "unlimited" customers and are charging $7.95/gig after 5 gigs/month are used. This is truly unfair to Canadian internet customers who were led to believe they were contracting for something "unlimited", but which in reality is not.




Aside from loss of consumer confidence in internet advertising and an attack on the principle of contracts being honoured, there is a much more serious widespread effect.




Doctors who send MRIs electronically for analysis will be forced to stop this current practise and once again revert to the less expensive and slower route known as the postal service.




This will negatively affect Health Services all across the country.



ask for

Those who have or are contemplating purchasing high speed internet services from any internet service provider are advised to ask the question "Is unlimited unlimited or not?" and assure themselves that it is and will remain so. Often once a step is taken by dominant firms others follow the "industry standard".




Those having contacts with Bell Sympatico or Rogers Cable might well contact them and register their views.




There is a petition that will be presented to those regulating the industry that can be visited at




Loyola Hearn,
MP St. John's West

References: The Internet on Cable Pricing
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