Alliance Not Separatist

Surrey, B.C. - Wednesday, August 21, 2002 - by: Phyllis H. Hubeli

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Michael Watkins of Burnaby, in his letter published on Tuesday, Aug. 20/02 entitled "Will they or won't they?" is trying to persuade Tories attending the Edmonton conference that Stephen Harper, Tom Flanagan, et al are separatists so that they will vote against anything to do with the Alliance. The truth is that it is the Alliance that is standing for a strongly united Canada that works with the provinces, instead of against the majority of them as the Liberals do, to ensure that Canada truly is #1 and the best place in the world to live.




While I must agree with Mr. Watkins that any alliance with the Tories would be a terrible mistake -- for the Alliance, I do resent his falling for and perpetuating the media portrayal of what the Alberta Six published, as encouraged separation. Contrary to Mr. Watkins writing, the Alliance is not returning Canada to anything, including the 1867 division of federal/provincial responsibilities, the position of the Alliance is that they will move forward (not backward) to correcting the myriad of flaws in the way we are governed.




The aim of the Alliance is to become government and remove the need for any province to erect a firewall. Until all provinces are treated fairly and equitably by the federal government, provinces must look after the interests of their citizens in any legal way they can and Quebec is a good example of how to do that. Saying that is not advocating separatism, it is saying stronger provinces make a stronger Canada. We should all be in favour of that no matter which party we belong to.




Good luck to the Tories who do not want to join with the Alliance. The Alliance is a small-c conservative party which has nothing in common with the "Red Tories." It would be a mistake to amalgamate the two as it would result in such internal friction it would make the current battles in the Liberal Party look like a church tea party.




Phyllis H. Hubeli