Alphonso Gagliano being questioned and the Prime Ministered defending.

"At Long Last"

Niagara Falls, Ontario - Wednesday, March 20, 2002 - by: Joe Hueglin


The Somalia Enquiry was shut down before fulfilling its mandate. Maria Minna was removed from being questioned as a Minister through being shuffled out of a front bench, as was Alphonso Gagliano through his appointment as Ambassador to Denmark. The Liberal majority on a Committee determining whether Defence Minister Eggleton had misled the House of Commons ended it abruptly, though new contradictions had come forward. Time and again the Prime Minister and his fellow Cabinet ministers have not erred in the eyes of the Ethics Commissioner.




The Auditor-General being asked to investigate whether Groupaction Marketing Inc. was paid $1.1 million to write two almost identical reports in 1998 and 1999 at long last places an issue out of reach of the Government.


Having Alphonso Gagliano go to Denmark as Ambassador prior to determination whether or not doubledipping of this magnitude occurred on his watch as Minister would be most injudicious.
  Joe Hueglin
  Mar. 20, 2002. 07:45 AM Toronto Star, Ottawa asks for audit of mystery duplicate report
  Liberals, opposition argue over Gagliano's credentials CBC news Last Updated Wed, 20 Mar 2002 3:03:37