Cupboard Bare

Niagara Falls, Ontario - Friday, April 5, 2002 - by: Joe Hueglin


Paying benefits to loggers from the Employment Insurance Account as some are asking is an impossibility. Like Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard it's bare.The Account, built by premiums from every employer and employee in the country pays, is a shell. It's balance is on paper only.




Finance Department spokesman Jean-Michel Catta is quoted as saying EI premium
"contribute to tax reductions, investments in health, education - key priorities for Canadians".
  What Catta does not mention is that the revenue lifted from the EI Account has enabled his Minister to claim the end to deficit budgets and paydown of the national debt.


When Martin brings down his next budget take the EI surplus off the revenue figures to arrive at the accurate balance of accounts. What's the saying, while figures don't lie ...?
  Joe Hueglin
  "Swelling EI surplus should be used to help laid-off softwood workers says critics" Sandra Cordon, Canadian Press