Pressure On Public Servants But Not On Staffers

Niagara Falls, Ontario - Thursday, January 10, 2002 - by: Joe Hueglin


Most troubling in regard to the developing Grant-Gagliano confrontation over whether or not political influence was at play in the Canada Lands Co. is the role, or lack there of, of Howard Wilson, the government's ethics counsellor.




Grant's statement that "Mr. Wilson said he concluded there was nothing to it after discussions with staff in Mr. Gagliano's riding office and Mr. Gagliano's chief of staff, Mr. Bard." that it was based on a misunderstanding" must be consider a laissez faire approach at best.




A misunderstanding when "overeager staffers" ask that a friend be hired, an appointment be made, to be directly involved in Canada Lands deals in Quebec?




Wilson's "Don't worry! Be happy! It's all a misunderstanding" is insufficient. Public servants ought not to have to fend off pressure from Ministerial aides.


If Wilson was reporting to the House of Commons, rather than the Prime Minister, Grant's concerns may have been dealt with in an efficient manner and corrected, rather than ignored and now bringing both Minister and ethics counsellor's actions into question.
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