Accountability and transparency?

  Niagara Falls, Ontario,
Friday, December 19, 2008
by: Joe Hueglin

"The budget office was created by the Conservatives in its signature Federal Accountability Act to "bring truth to budgeting" and help restore confidence in the government's books." Confidence not being restored but rather undermined, as in "its recent report questioning the rosy surplus projections of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's economic statement.", truth becomes redundant.

The budget office has "reports under way on native residential schools and large information technology projects in government and is analysing information for MPs on economic stimulus, bailouts for the auto industry, federal assets


that could go up for sale and the savings from ongoing spending reviews in departments.", all matters of importance that ought to be completed.

There is to be a 33-per-cent reduction in the approved budget. This is not targeting, however, for so are "all departments and agencies in government".

Though it may be all are "facing cuts or marginal increases" it must be assumed all are being cut 33-per-cent as is the budget office, which they are not, or the office providing transparency and accountability, while perhaps not being targeted, has a lower priority.

Most interesting would be a list available informing the public of the government's order of priority as expressed in budget decreases or increases. Is one available?


Joe Hueglin


May, Kathryn, Embattled budget officer's funding frozen, December 19, 2008, Ottawa Citizen


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