Keep Canada's nuclear ploughshares

  Niagara Falls, Ontario,
Friday, June 12, 2009
by: Joe Hueglin

In one fell swoop $10 billion was placed at risk to obtain 12% ownership of a company that is selling off elements of its production. AECL which has been in operation for more than 50 years, which developed a unique process for using natural uranium and which has been the largest supplier of isotopes in the world is called a "sinkhole". (1)

Rather than cancelling the MAPLE reactor look ahead leadership would direct AECL to determine how the South Korean reactor has been altered to be functional for 14 years now. (2)

"What we're focused on is trying to restructure AECL right now." (1) Right, privatize the CANDU just when producing energy through nuclear reactors is increasingly seen as a reliable alternative to fossil fuels. And give no assurance it will be sold to a Canadian company.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not noted for altering his directions. In this case maximum pressure must be placed on him to do so - not for narrow partisan political reasons but so that Canada can maintain a leading position in the world in what must be considered a most beneficial field.

From nuclear technology which others have built swords, Canada has created ploughshares.

Let us continue to do so


Joe Hueglin


1. Cheadle, Bruce, Tories call AECL '$30 billion sinkhole,' no more cash for new reactor, June 11, 2009, Canadian Press

2. Canadian Nuclear FAQ, What is MAPLE technology? as seen June 12, 2009


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