Solicitor General MacAulay claims in the house what he did was good for Canada.

Niagara Falls, Ontario - Thursday, October 10, 2002 - by: Joe Hueglin




A Liberal back bench revolt has succeeded. A proposal to have their spouses assets
listed to avoid conflict of interest has been scrapped.


The "entire ethics package, promised in June amid
an ongoing scandal about government contracts."(1)
does nothing, however, to increase the accountability of Cabinet Ministers.


A "Jurisconsult" is to be appointed. Questions of ethical conduct of M.P.s and Senators
will be reported to Parliament. The outcome of similar investigations over the ethics of
Cabinet Ministers, however, such as that currently underweigh into Solicitor General
MacAuley's actions in P.E.I., will not be affected. The Prime Minister alone will receive
these findings.




A Liberal M.P. is quoted as saying
"it would be wrong for Mr. Chrétien to create an
independent watchdog for MPs but not one for
Cabinet ministers because backbenchers have the
least influence in government." (2).
It is indeed unfortunate, believing this to be so, the pressure backbenchers brought to
bear was directed at protecting their private interests, rather than that of ensuring
Cabinet accountability.


Joe Hueglin



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