Prime Minister's communications director Francoise Ducros and United States "moron" President.


Human nature dictates acceptance

Niagara Falls, Ontario - Saturday, November 23, 2002 - by: Joe Hueglin


It is unconscionable that the Prime Minister refuse to accept the resignation tendered by


his communications director.




Francoise Ducros in stating


"So as not to have this matter overshadow the prime minister's important


work here at the summit I have offered him my resignation."


realized that, whatever the intent and context of her remarks were, her position was no


onger tenable.
  While she recognized reality the Prime Minister in refusing her resignation does not.


Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham may be
"totally confident that Canada-U.S. relations are on a good footing"(1).
  The outcome of this second verbal assault on the Presidency, Canada's Defence Minister
  having told the President not
"to do my job - to ask for more defence spending"(2)
  earlier in the week, human nature dictates the footings are being severely shaken at a
  personal level.


Joe Hueglin



Elliott, Louise, Chretien turns down resignation of his aide for her reported 'moron' remark
November 22, 2002, National Post


Butt out of Canadian military, Ottawa tells Bush, Minister miffed by U.S. calls for Canada to boost defence budget, November 20, 2002, Toronto Star



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