Niagara Falls, Ontario - Tuesday, December 31, 2002 - by: Joe Hueglin


What should be the focus of a Letter to the Editor written in the dying days of 2002?




It could be that as of January 1st I am officially a criminal, not having and having no intention of ever registering the 51 year old 16 gauge Mossberg in my basement...with a pitted barrel and a bolt I don't know where but which reminds every time I rummage around of what I'd do every day coming home from school, go out with my few shells and hope a duck would fly by...and which I didn't fire off one day at some geese that flew close 'cause I was too stingy to take anything but a sure shot...and have regretted ever since.




Maybe it would be to compare the Grade One readers I had with what the Supreme Court is decreeing. The story of Little Half Chick aimed at instilling ethics or values. Able to choose most parents would prefer this to what must be taught in Surrey School District schools.




Perhaps arguing that selected rather than self-selected refugees are to be preferred and to wonder at what will be the costs for adjudicating the 191 American's who claimed refugee status from January to the end of October this year. And how many will never go back.




Time to stop thinking. Its like the mule who died of starvation through being unable to choose which haystack to eat! To avoid this fate I'm submitting this musing without choosing!


Joe Hueglin

  Mossberg single shot shotgun
  Supreme Court of Canada decision December 20, 2002 Chamberlain v. Surrey School Division No.36
  The story of the "Little Half Chick"
  Canada's Department of Citizenship and Immigration, Canadian Refugee System



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