"arriving at a general approach" unlikely

Niagara Falls, Ontario - Wednesday, January 8, 2003 - by: Joe Hueglin


Ratification of the Kyoto Protocol could be and was accomplished through the use of closure, but only through provincial co-operation can its targets be achieved. Removing Ontario's auto sector from the list of industries required to meet federally mandated emissions targets diametrically opposes the high sounding subtitle of the Federal "Climate Change Plan for Canada", "Achieving Our Commitments Together".




This action almost certainly ensures the failure of promised discussions
"with industry, provincial and territorial governments and other stakeholders with the intention of arriving at a general approach to industrial emissions reductions in the early months of 2003".




What hope is there of "arriving at a general approach" with other industries, as much in need of being competitive as the auto sector, having to carry a heavier load to meet targets than originally planned because of its special treatment ? With the people, papers and governments in other provinces decrying the preferential treatment given to Ontario, there is little hope of successful discussions unless the Federal Government reverses its decision. Sadly something, nothing in its nine years in office indicates there is any likelihood of occurring.


Joe Hueglin

  Climate Change Plan for Canada, achieving our commitments together http://climatechange.gc.ca/plan_for_canada/plan/chap_3_3.html



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