Minister of health (images borrowed from CBC & CP)

S.A.R.S in perspective

Niagara Falls, Ontario - Monday, April 28, 2003 - by: Joe Hueglin


Suspect, probable, confirmed. Three designations little differentiated in the
minds of those reacting to SARS.




"Suspect" is not used by the World Health Organization nor in the
reporting of other diseases. (1) but is by Health Canada and greatly
inflates the figures.
"What the suspect means is that somebody
has a sneeze." (2)
is the way one Health Care Authority worker expressed it.




"Probable" has little meaning in that persons "completely recovered," from
whatever was ailing them
"remain counted on the list of probable
cases because the lists are cumulative." (3)




"Confirmed" cases have
"been limited to specific transmission
settings such as households, hospitals and
specific community settings."(4)
the last having been a health care professional more than a week ago and
all having been identified as to source.(5)




The current out break has been contained to the point there's no need at
present to be fearful.




Future well being depends on screening entrants to Canada from abroad
effectively and efficiently(6). Not just in Toronto and Vancouver as the
Federal Health Minister belatedly is considering (7), but of all individuals
entering Canada from the Far East.


Joe Hueglin



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