Was he "Sleepy" or "Schultz"?

Niagara Falls, Ontario - Thursday, February 12, 2004 - by: Joe Hueglin


Paul Martin cannot absolve himself of responsibility.
  Either he was Sleepy of the Seven Dwarves, or Hogan's Heroes' Sargeant Schultz, throwing up his arms and saying "Nothing! I see nothing"?
  One or the other was the role played. Either way he was remiss when misdeeds of such magnitude passed unnoticed on his watch as Minister of Finance.

Joe Hueglin


Either way

Princeton, Ontario, Thursday, February 12, 2004, by: Rebecca Gingrich
Here we are--honest, hard working Canadians,  preparing our  tax forms to dutifully pay 47%+ of our hard earned tax dollars to these money launderers.  We are not allowed(under great penalty) to mis-report any of our own money, but then we see it being wasted in this manner.

What are we to think?  All Canadians are equal, except for those at the trough? .For the Liberals to expect us to believe that Martin knew nothing about these scandals is indicative of the obvious contempt we, the taxpaying Canadians, are held in by this government. 

Either Martin knew all along  what was happening, or he is the most incompetent Finance Minister since Confederation. 
  Either way, he is not capable of being the PM of this country having failed in his duty as Finance Minister.

Rebecca Gingrich


Will Ontarians turn a blind eye?

Surrey, B.C., Thursday, February 12, 2004, by: Phyllis Hubeli

Bill Good,
on CKNW Vancouver Wednesday morning asked the listeners just how angry they were about the misappropriation of tax dollars by the Liberal Government of Canada

They all were angry that their money was being wasted in this way but one man said

"What good is being angry do here in the West when the voters in Ontario and Quebec can outvote us and they profited from it." 

Bill said that all they had to do would be to look at their pay stub and see how much of their money went to this Liberal government to be misused

  My question, are the people in Ontario as sickened by the exposure of this Liberal sleaze as we in the West are?  Are they willing to vote against the Liberals for this, or will it be, as it was in 2000, turn a blind eye, hold your nose, vote anyway and allow it to continue for continue it will.

Phyllis Hubeli



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